Mission Statement : To provide a range of activities and
services which will create the opportunity for people
with disabilities to pursue and achieve individual lifestyles.

Woodbine Ladies Auxiliary

President: Mrs. C. Wilson
Secretary: Mrs. M. Polack
Treasurer: Mrs. W. Lovel

The Woodbine Ladies Auxiliary is a Warracknabeal institution. The Ladies Auxiliary members have been an active and important part of Woodbine for over 60 years. Currently, approximately 15 members of the community are financial members of the Auxiliary, and meet once a month.

Volunteers from within the community successfully operate the Oppurtunity Shop located at 118 Scott Street, Warracknabeal, sorting, pricing and selling secondhand clothes and bric-a-brac.

Income raised from the sale of goods is donated to Woodbine and it’s clients.

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