Mission Statement : To provide a range of activities and
services which will create the opportunity for people
with disabilities to pursue and achieve individual lifestyles.

Woodbine provides a range of services for people with a disability. Aside from supported employment,
see ADE there is usually a range of Department of Health and Human Services conditions and access requirements. For further information in this respect, please ring Intake & Response on 1800 783 783.


Lifestyle Services is the collective name for a large range of life skills and pre-vocational activities that are commonly referred to in the sector as day programs.


Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE) is the current name for Business Services or Supported Employment to which it is even more commonly referred.


Woodbine provides a range of accommodation options from Shared Supported Accommodation, Outreach and Respite.


The Woodbine Recreation program is an unfunded service that provides a large number of recreational & leisure activities during and outside standard business hours.

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