Mission Statement : To provide a range of activities and
services which will create the opportunity for people
with disabilities to pursue and achieve individual lifestyles.


Woodbine provides a range of accommodation options comprising Shared Supported Accommodation, Outreach and Respite. Shared Supported Accommodation facilities are located in Warracknabeal and Echuca, a respite facility is available in Warracknabeal whist Outreach support is provided in Warracknabeal and Nhill.

Shared Supported Accommodation

Shared Supported Accommodation is designed to provide safe and secure accommodation where daily needs are provided by trained staff. In many instances, people may be encouraged to develop living skills but this is not a condition of residency. Woodbine manages four Shared Supported Accommodation facilities in Warracknabeal, including a modern house for people with ageing conditions. In Echuca, Woodbine provides supported accommodation for people with a disability, including individuals who are funded by the Transport Accident Commission.


Outreach is a skill development, linking and facilitation support service unlike home help (Home and Community Care) provided by Local Government. Outreach support is provided to assist people living in their own homes or renting to develop and maintain skills that encourage independent living and participation in the community. Outreach support assists with skill development, household tasks and linking to community activities and facilities such as banks and shops. Woodbine provides Outreach services at a set of units owned by the agency as well as other public housing facilities.


Respite is intended to provide temporary relief to the primary care giver which is usually a family member. Respite is also designed to provide a meaningful outcome for the person in temporary care. Woodbine provides two facility based respite beds for people funded through the Department of Health & Human Services. Community-based respite can be arranged subject to appropriate funding arrangements. People who are seeking accommodation support should be aware of a number of conditions relating to eligibility. If you are seeking general advice, you are encouraged to contact Karen Lienert, Manager, Accommodation and Respite Services or Bernie O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer, on 53 982166 for additional information.

Woodbine Inc. acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.


Licence No. HS0019

Licence No. HS0019

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