Mission Statement : To provide a range of activities and
services which will create the opportunity for people
with disabilities to pursue and achieve individual lifestyles.

Australian Disability Enterprises

Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE) is the current name for Business Services or Supported Employment to which it is even more commonly referred.

Woodbine manages two ADE outlets:

Warracknabeal Laundromat

The Warracknabeal Laundromat comprises a coin laundry and laundry service. Nine people are supported to wash, dry, fold and iron commercial and domestic laundry. The Warracknabeal Laundromat, which is located as a shopfront in the main street, provides services to individuals, motels, hotels and other businesses.

Warracknabeal Gardening & Cleaning Services

Warracknabeal Gardening & Cleaning Services provides supported employment for up to 22 people to engage in a wide variety of gardening task such as mowing, trimming, landscaping and office and domestic cleaning.


People who are in receipt of the Disability Support Pension are automatically eligible for supported employment for at least 8 hours per week, provided vacancies exist. Wages are based on an assessed percentage of a relevant award wage. The Business Services Wage Assessment Tool (BSWAT) used by a significant proportion of ADEs to assess percentage capacity has been found by the Full Federal Court on appeal to be unlawful under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, a decision subsequently endorsed by the High Court.

Woodbine is currently exploring the adoption of an approved tool before the expiration of the Human Rights Commission exemption on 30 April 2015.

People who are seeking supported employment are encouraged to contact Cathy Milne, Manager, Lifestyle & ADE Services or Bernie O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer, on 53 982166 for additional information.

Licence No. NSDS0019

Licence No. NSDS0019

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