Mission Statement : To provide a range of activities and
services which will create the opportunity for people
with disabilities to pursue and achieve individual lifestyles.


Lifestyle Services is the collective name for a large range of life skills and pre-vocational activities that are commonly referred to in the sector as day programs.

The significant increase in service delivery in recent years can largely be attributed to the structure of the program day and the close involvement of the community – its people and its organisations.

The program day is divided into three sessions with a multitude of activities and learning opportunities offered each session. It is possible, therefore, for a person to select a varied range of activities in which to participate.

Some of the most popular activities include:

  • CraftWorks – a local business in the main street offering a range of craft skills training
  • Country Essentials – a local business in the main street providing pre-vocational shop skills
  • Adventure & Discovery – a program that explores the local and regional communities
  • Catering – a registered catering business that provides cooking skills training
  • Computers – a program that develops IT skills through the use of SmartBoard, IPad and PC technology
  • Art – the development of art skills beyond basic drawing
  • Music Appreciation – learning to understand music and singing

There are many more activities to be considered. A list may be found here.

People who are interested in accessing a Lifestyle service are encouraged to contact Cathy Milne, Manager, Lifestyle & ADE Services or Bernie O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer, on 53 982166 for additional information as specific eligibility criteria applies.

Woodbine acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.


Licence No. HS0019

Licence No. HS0019

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